November 25, 2019 – The “I Love Dolores” Standee has been present in front of the Dolores Municipal Hall for many years now, providing selfie opportunities for many who would go to the town capital. The letters  were originally painted with plain colors and so the standee provided an excellent opportunity for the children of Dolores to showcase their creative talents during the celebration of this year’s National Children’s Month.

The Local Government Unit of Dolores through its Local Council for the Protection of Children partnered with  the children of Rosalio Eduarte National High School (RENHS) and Heart of Mary High School (HMHS) to make the standee even more appealing by having the children paint the letters with their own designs expressing their visions for the future of Dolorenian children.

According to Mayor Conde Turqueza, “The activity provides a venue for the children to express themselves, showcase their talents, and most of all, contribute to the beautification and tourism of our community.”