9 New Nurses Deployed to Dolores under RNHeals Program


The Health Team of Dolores gets a boost in manpower as 9 nurses were recruited by the Department of Health to serve the town under the Registered Nurses for Health Enhancement and Local Services Program(RNHeals) Batch 3.

RNheals is a program by the Department of Health that intends to address the surplus in inexperienced nurses, promote health of the people and bring the government closer to them. They will be working in the Rural Health Unit and will be also be doing field work by going to the different barangays of Dolores to render health services that include vaccination, health monitoring, health teachings, home deliveries, and a lot more.

The 9 RNHeals nurses are Krizell Gail P. Damian, Anchiel S. Lorenzana, Krizia G. Pascual, Loreta Emily B. Orata, Jenny Faye D. Barreras, Eric A. TubaƱa, Kriezelle B. Bemudez, Elaine Buenafe and Monira Barril.

Last March 20, 2012, they were accompanied by DOH Representative Victoria Palos for their courtesy call with Mayor JR Seares before proceeding to begin their first day of service in the Rural Health Unit. RNHeals Nurses are to work a 1 year contract with a monthly allowance of P8,000 coming from the Department of Health. The local government may also extend additional benefits to the nurses.

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