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Municipal officials and employees were all negative in their drug test results. This was announced by Dolores Mayor Robert Victor Seares, Jr. in today’s flag raising ceremony.

“We would like to thank everyone who cooperated in the mandatory drug testing. Though it is mandatory, I appreciate that you all voluntarily obliged without hesitation” said Mayor Seares

It can be recalled that last July 4, 2016, Mayor Seares ordered all municipal officials and employees, including the municipal police and employees of line agencies, to undergo mandatory drug testing as a part to cleanse the municipality of illegal drugs. He also announced that the teachers, non-teaching staffs under Dep-Ed and the barangay watchmen will soon be tested, pending the budget for the drug testing.

Mayor Seares also reported that 20 drug dependents voluntarily surrendered to the Mayor’s office and to the municipal police.

“We should welcome them back to the society. They are people, just like us, who committed mistakes before. They said they are willing to change for good. And the leadership and the people of Dolores will welcome that. To the other drug dependents, you can go to our office or to the police station and we will help you.” Ended Mayor Seares.