KALIPI completes Training on Food Preparation


This was probably the most enjoyable livelihood training for the KALIPI members. For one, there was a different recipe (or two) being learned every day. Also, who wouldn’t enjoy learning to make food that would amaze your family and friends, not to mention food that can be sold at a profitable price? The KALIPI trainees were also treated to a demonstration of how to bake Carrot Muffins by Dolores’ own distinguished Culinary Artist SB Sesy Seares, at her very house.
The recipes taught to the trainees were the following; Kamias Candy, Sugar Coated Peanuts, Banana Crackers, Siomai, Pastillas, Yema, Spicy Dilis, and the Carrot Muffins. We had a chance to taste most of them and one can definitely say is that our KALIPI Cooks can definitely compete with other products out there being sold in the market.
Pictures of the Event can be found at our Facebook Page

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