Batch Request Entry System

Last August 15, 2012, RA 10172 or the Clerical Error Law was passed which allows the local civil registrar to correct errors in birth certificates without a need of a court order, hence, saving money on the part of the people.

This reminded me of one of the projects launched in Dolores last year and is still in effect today. Project BREQS.

On November 18, 2011, BREQS or the Batch Request Entry System was launched at the Dolores Civic Center, Dolores, Abra. The invited guests include Barangay Captains, Municipal Officials, Municipal Employees, Day Care Workers and the School Heads from different barangays. Representatives of the National Statistics Office, Baguio CAR graced the affair. BREQS is a scheme where National Statistics Office authorizes the Local Government Unit to receive requests for NSO issued copies and certifications of civil registry documents from the public and issue the documents to its clientele.

The opening of this scheme began November 22, 2011.

The National Statistics Office represented by the Regional Director Hon. Olivia G. Gulla and the Municipality of Dolores represented by the Local Chief Executive Hon. Robert Victor G. Seares Jr. signed a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) for this purpose.

The Batch Entry System is the first of its kind in the Province of Abra for the Local Government Unit of Dolores is the first municipality to use the BREQS scheme.

The LGU through the office of the Municipal Civil Registrar will now accept request for NSO documents (Birth, Death, Marriage, Certificate of No Marriage and Previously endorsed documents).

The LGU stands to benefit from this scheme for the the request is not just limited to Dolores Citizens but even those coming from neighboring locality are entertained. In the end, this means additional revenue to the Local Government Unit. Adopting the BREQS scheme can only mean more convenience to the constituents. By filing their application of NSO documents right at the Office of the Civil Registrar, the clientele need not travel to distant outlets thereby saving time, money and effort.

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